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The Bless Soul Meets The Disgusted Soul

Lately, I’ve been questioning myself, if I should have written such a controversial book.  To answer my own question?, the answer is yes and it is well overdue.  Great pioneers like the late great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcom X,  and the sensational Marvin Gaye have told Americans profoundly in their speeches and music about the injustices done to black people here in the U.S and in our native country Africa.  After so much persecution we are still condemn for being African-American.  AA have gone from cleaning the White House to running the White House.  We are the only race who survived captivity from our native land, slavery, lynching, bombing, civil rights movement, prison, KKK, poverty, killing, diabetes, strokes, heart attacks, Aids, crack, broken families, and  hurricanes.  And still we rise.  My book reveals the truth that has been going on here since AA landed on US soil: betrayal, lies, hypocrisy, superiority, augmentation to face and body and much, much more.  This jaw dropping book will captivate all audiences and displays revealing images of the truth.


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